Technological progress means applying scientific knowledge in terms of production in order to achieve improvements in manufacturing processes or products. Technological progress is generally driven by companies and entrepreneurs to obtain a competitive edge on the market. There are certainly aspects of technology that create problems for the environment and our health. The development of new technologies causes the obsolescence of previous ones, with huge amounts of waste to be disposed of. Other technologies, such as the internal-combustion engine of a car, are very polluting and widespread throughout the globe. However, there is a different approach to this important problem that is gaining momentum: that of sustainable development. On the one hand, it is recognised that technology has always improved living conditions, on the other hand, the need to combine the development of an increasingly populated and demanding world in terms of natural resources with the least possible impact on the environment is brought to centre stage.

So new technologies, but more environmentally friendly. This mindful attitude also largely depends on the will of all citizens, who are the end users of many technological products. The pellet stove market is therefore also influenced by people’ increased awareness (especially in northern Europe) about the impact on the environment deriving from the use of fossil fuels