Savings? Guaranteed…  Starting from at least 30% less…

Savings? Guaranteed…  Starting from at least 30% less…

A pellet stove is a great moneybox that every day fills up with the many savings you can make. Everyone will have told you about savings on heating consumption compared to traditional gas or diesel solutions, from at least 30% up to 50% less … This is normal and can be clearly deducted from the fact that the by-products of fossil hydrocarbons (precisely gas oil and gas) have long been (and will also be in future) constantly increasing due to government excise taxes and extraction and processing costs, which are continuously on the rise. Without considering how much they pollute the air due to emissions and land due to waste… Moreover, in future they will no longer be available because they will run out quickly given our large consumption.
Let’s start being less dependent on diesel, which is valuable and equally polluting: just think that to do so you will be ‘forced’ to…. make money with significant savings!

T.S.P. gives you even more. How? For one thing, it’s a good idea to be informed about existing tax breaks: when you install a pellet stove, you can claim back 50% of the cost in your tax return.

Plus: TSP always offers the inspection, design, transport, installation and first ignition as part of the price of the stove.

And then the 2-year guarantee, in short the safety of buying a reliable and assisted product.

Finally, watch out for TSP’s offers….

With all this in mind, you will see that you have already amortised the purchase in the first year of use…


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