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T.S.P., which stands for Thermo Stufe a Pellet (themo pellet stoves), stems from the passion of designing and creating a product capable of meeting new criteria applying to alternative and renewable energy.

This passion led to the creation of a range of sophisticated pellet stoves designed and manufactured in Italy, certified and with a multi-year warranty. We build stoves with different power values, shapes and operating systems to meet the ever-changing and unique heating requirements of every single house, as well as needs related to climate, orientation and isolation.

With T.S.P. Thermo Pellet Stoves you can therefore choose your product directly from the manufacturer, which means lower costs and higher performance.

As winter approaches, and with it, cold and humidity, we feel the need to warm up and therefore heat the environments where we work, study and live. Choosing the right stove is essential to ensure optimal performance without waste. Get in touch and we’ll provide the ideal solution.


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