TSP, sustainable and natural energy

TSP, sustainable and natural energy

Wood is part of the natural cycle: the four elements allow for the creation of plant life, which produces oxygen, essential for our own life. We obtain the oldest source of energy from wood: fire, heat. If managed wisely, this energy is clean and does not pollute, but rather returns to nature mineral salts and carbon dioxide to complete the cycle of life.

Today, from wood we obtain the new fuel, pellets, which are 100% natural, without additives and produced without adding additives and therefore entirely eco-friendly.

It is made from sawdust, which is dried and compressed: it has a higher yield compared to normal unprocessed wood and is easily available from any large supermarket or specialised retailer.

It is always easy and convenient to top up: you will usually find it in 15 kg bags, which are easy to handle and not too heavy.  This adds to comfort: pellets do not cause dust or soil the appliance when loaded into the tank. And cleaning and performing maintenance on the stove is always quick and simple.


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