The TSP showroom is awaiting you!

With us, a warm welcome is the first rule, or rather, the ‘warmth’ of the welcome is equal to or greater than the warmth of our stoves…

We are always very happy to have people visiting our company, which will certainly leave you with an excellent impression, simply because we have set up an extensive exhibition space so that you can see for yourselves the quality and excellence of our products.

At TSP we love direct contact with our audience and want to give you all the information to ensure you make the best choice: this is possible here, where you can talk to our expert consultants: they will provide answers to any doubt about the right stove for your environment, the latest aesthetics, the best-suited colour for your furniture or the model with the best performance according to the space you need to heat.

And then you will have a wide selection of accessories and supplies to immediately start heating and saving with your new pellet stove.

We are always open, check our opening hours by getting in touch with an email or call us!



You need a quote, information or would like to meet us in our showroom? Send us an email and we’ll get in touch soon...



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